for adults



8 months - 3.5 years old

Adult is in water with child.  Enjoys water experience; learns breath control, locomotion, blowing bubbles and floating on back. 


Baby Class

2 - 3.5 years old

Has taken Parent/Child class and has been recommended by Parent/Child instructor to go to Baby Class.  Group instruction, learning Beg. I, II and III skills (e.g., dog paddle, kicking, bobbing-breathing). 

Front float 10 seconds, swims to stairs, gets out of deep water, can let go and grab side of pool, floats on back 5 seconds, jumps in deep water and gets back to side of pool.



3.5 - 4 years old

Front float 10 seconds, learning Beg. I skills.  (Has not taken Parent/Child class.)

Beginner I

4+ years old

Front float 10 seconds, recovery from float, bobbing-breathing, dog paddle, crawl introduced, back float.

Beginner II

Dog paddle w/ bobbing-breathing 15 feet, back float, introduction to crawl with bobbing-breathing, missile float 10 seconds, introduction to deep water.

Beginner III

Dog paddle or crawl w/ bobbing-breathing 30 feet, back kick, missile kick 10 seconds, introduction to deep water, knee dive, additional deep water skills.

Beginner IV

Crawl w/ side breathing 15 feet, back kick and skull with one-arm backstroke 15 feet, tread water 15 seconds, front and back float in deep water, front dive.

Advanced Beginner

Crawl w/ side breathing 30 feet, back stroke 30 feet, tread water 30 seconds, jump in deep water and swim 30 feet, change direction, turn from stomach-to-back and back-to-stomach.

Beginner Intermediate

Crawl 60 feet, backstroke 30 feet, elementary backstroke 30 feet, tread water 60 seconds, back float deep water 10 seconds, one-leg dive.

Intermediate   I 

Crawl 90 feet, backstroke 60 feet, elementary backstroke 30 feet, breaststroke 30 feet, tread water 60 seconds, survival float 2 minutes, front dive down 10 feet and retrieve object, two-leg dive.

Intermediate  II

Crawl 120 feet, backstroke 90 feet, elementary backstroke 60 feet, breaststroke 60 feet, butterfly 30 feet, survival float 5 minutes, surface dive 10 feet and recover weight.


Crawl 150 feet, backstroke 150 feet, elementary backstroke 150 feet, breaststroke 150 feet, butterfly 60 feet, sidestroke 60 feet, disrobe/swim in deep water, underwater swim 30 feet, front dive off of starting block.

Beginner Competitive 

Competitive strokes w/emphasis on technique for speed, competitive drills, starts, turns, preparation. Must be intermediate swimmer.


Competitive stroke technique, starts, turns, IM, racing strategy, streamline starts/turns.

                     NOTE:  Pool width is 30 feet.

Adult IFront float 10 seconds, recover from float, missile float 10 seconds, breath control (holding breath), breath exchange (bobbing-breathing or front breathing), railroad body position with flutter kick, dog paddle, introduce the crawl, back float, back float recovery, introduce back kick.
Adult IIDog paddle with bobbing-breathing 30 feet, sculling with flutter kick, crawl with front breathing, introduction to side breathing, pushing off side of pool in streamline position, back float, backstroke, elementary backstroke 30 feet, introduction to deep water, introduction to treading water.  Optional:  kneeling dive.
Adult IIICrawl w/ side breathing 30 feet, backstroke 30 feet, breaststroke 30 feet, tread water 30 seconds, jump in deep water and swim 30 feet, back float deep water 10 seconds, change direction in the deep water and turn from stomach-to-back and back-to-stomach, survival float 2 minutes.  Optional: butterfly, standing front dive, surface dive down 10 feet and retrieve object.
Adult IVCompetitive strokes with emphasis on technique (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, IM) competitive drills, turns (open turns: freestyle and backstroke).  Optional:  starts, racing strategies.



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PLEASE NOTE:   You must inform the office if your child passes his/her class.  We will not have an accurate reflection of your child's current level if you do not update the office once you've spoken with his/her instructor on test day.