Class Levels


Class Level

Badge color



Infant I
8-42 months
Adult in water with child (swim diaper required)
Enjoys water experience, learning breath control, floats on back
Infant II
Mint Green
8-42 months
Adult in water with child (swim diaper required) learning breath control, locomotion and blowing bubbles, back float with locomotion.
Baby Class
Light Pink
3 1/2 to 4 yrs.
Taken Infant I or II and recommended by infant instructor.  Group instruction, learning Beg. I, II, & III skills (i.e. dog paddle, bobbing).  Front float 10 sec., swims to stairs, gets out of deep water, can let go and grab side of pool, back float 5 sec., jumps in deep water and gets back to side of pool.
3 1/2 yrs. +
Front float 10 seconds, Learning Beginner I skills, has not taken Infant levels
Beginner I
4 yrs. +
Front Float 10sec, recover from float, bobbing, dog paddle, crawl introduced, back float
Beginner II
Dark Yellow
4 yrs. +
Dog paddle with bobbing 15', back float, crawl with bobbing, missile float 10 sec, introduction to deep water
Beginner III
Light Yellow
4 yrs. +
Dog paddle or Crawl Bobbing 30', back kick, introduction to deep water, knee dive, missile kick 10 sec, additional deep water skills
Beginner IV
4 yrs. +
Crawl Side-breathing 15', back kick skull 15', tread water 15 sec, front & Back float in deep water, front dive
Advanced Beginner
Hot Pink
4 yrs. +
Crawl side-breathing 30', back stroke 30', tread water 30 sec, jump in deep water and swim 30', change direction, turn from stomach-to-back and back-to-stomach
Beginner Intermediate
Kelly Green
4 yrs. +
Crawl 60', back stroke 30', tread water 60 sec, elementary back 30', back float deep water 10 sec, one leg dive
Intermediate I
Light Blue
4 yrs. +
Crawl 90', back stroke 60', tread water 60 sec, two leg dive, elementary back 30', breast stroke 30', survival float 2 min, front dive down 10'and retrieve object
Intermediate II
Sky Blue
4 yrs. +
Crawl 120', back stroke 90', elementary back 60', surface dive, breast stroke 60', fly 30', retrieve object, survival float 5 min, surface dive 10' and recover weight
4 yrs. +
Crawl 150', back stroke 150', elementary back 150', breast stroke 150', fly 60', sidestroke 60', disrobe/swim in deep water, underwater swim 30', front dive off starting block
Beginner Competitive
4 yrs. +
Competitive strokes with emphasis on technique for speed, competitive drills, starts, turns, preparation. Must be intermediate swimmer
4 yrs. +
Competitive stroke technique, starts, turns, I.M., racing strategy, streamline starts/turns
Note: 30' is the width of the pool